Things a new Exams Officer should know

There are some things that new Exam Officers are told that could be advisedly called myths. I’m thinking of statements like this: “Once you’ve done a whole year, you’ll know what you’re doing”. Whilst this is, in the main, true, it doesn’t give new EO’s the full picture.
They do learn all about the planning, regulations, coping with last-minute changes, recruiting and training invigilators, access arrangements and the myriad other aspects of the role. However, what they are not told is that they will never know everything there is to know about running exams.
Why? Because they are continually changing!
In the last 3 years (at my school) we have stopped doing DiDA’s, started offering OCR Nationals, increased our offering of BTEC’s dramatically and offer non-standard exams to students whose home language is non-English (so that they may obtain a GCSE in their native language).
Also there have been other changes introduced, for example, there is the Diploma – run by consortia of schools. The student attends any of the schools for study and exams, while still being based at the Home school. For this a whole new raft of processes and e-tools have been introduced. For example, EO’S need to know how to obtain ULN’s (Unique Learner Number’s) from the LRS (Learner Registration Service) or Key to Success websites. Once obtained, these numbers need to be imported into the school’s MIS (Management Information System) before any entries are made for Diploma students. The numbers are a key element in pulling all the student qualifications into their Diploma, so it is important that an EO with Diploma students obtains them at the start of the academic year.
A series of articles will follow on from this post to add greater depth to the requirements of the EO role across its remit (not just the Diploma which is just one of the facets).


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