Blogging app for N900 – Witter

I’ve been using Witter as my N900 twitter app for some time now. I’ll tell you about it, but you need to bear in mind that Witter’s creator is very proactive as regards modifying and evolving the app.

It is possible to add the apps shortcut to your desktop and as you can see it is a nice W woodcut logo (on the left hand side of the screen print here). I imagine it is a play on the creator’s name – Daniel Would.

Having clicked on the shortcut, Witter loads up to give you your profile page, which shows your tweet count, number of followers, number of people following and your most recent post.

Clicking on the speech bubble takes you to your timeline, or on the magnifying glass to the search window.

As new tweets arrive you receive an alert via a pop up bar which appears across the top third of the screen. Also you get an alert similar to that of an incoming text whenever you get a mention.

Tweets are easy to read and where the tweet is a reply to an unprotected tweet the original tweet is also displayed.

If a particular tweet catches your eye you can do more with it… Touch on it and further options appear…

Reply, Retweet and Favourite are probably the most popular options. Also very useful is the Mentioned Users option…

Here you get the Follow, Unfollow, @ and History buttons which allow you to interact with the tweeter/tweets.

Overall this app is really good. It does glitch from time to time, but it’s not hideous in its behaviour and even a novice can get along with it.


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