I got Map Loader to work for my Nokia N900

It seems that many people had struggled to connect their N900 to Nokia Map Uploader. I also had struggled and the weekend of July 11 2010 decided I’d take another look. I was pleased to finally resolve this failure after a lot of messing about with various trials. This blog tells you the steps I worked through…

I’d been looking at various blogs and sites to work out how to manage this, but actually taking the plunge and making the manual adjustments was something I had to brace myself for. I am a novice when it comes to ‘mucking about’ with the software and internal doings of my mobile phone and was afraid of ‘bricking’ my N900.

I read this blog [http://nokia-n900.com/nokia-map-loader-for-the-n900/] and the comments made by its readers, particularly Emiliano, Rob (who referred readers to this site – http://mymaemo.com/c/map-loader-for-nokia-n900-1022.html) and Woody (who gave instructions for those who have not had problems and for whom it should therefore work first time as he stated)

I also read guidance and blogs from three other N900 users who gave very similar guidance:-

Before starting, I made sure that I had backed up the phone, very thoroughly! I used the phone’s own backup facility to start with and then also manually copied everything on the phone across to my laptop – just to be sure.

I tried with a variation of all of the above three users suggestion, to get the Map Loader working on my N900.

I’d like to borrow from Lloyd’s Blog as he describes the problem well…
Ovi Maps uses a file that is installed in memory when Maps is initially opened and this file is called “qf” (without the quotes). The qf file is stored in the root directory of the internal memory of the N900 but it is called “.qf” (again without the quotes).
This results in Map Loader not being able to recognise the file and so does not update the Maps on the phone.

My first attempt was to follow Emilliano’s advice of:-
Open X Terminal and type in:
cp /home/user/MyDocs/.qf/home/user/MyDocs/qf

However, this alone did not work for me, so I had to trawl the internet some more.
I found david.hicks’ description and worked out that you do have to make the changes to the file while your phone is connected to a PC in Mass Storage mode.

I tried his method of copying the “qf” file, a “.qf” file and the “cities” subdirectory to my external USB drive and Map Loader recognised the file and started updating maps to the external drive. PROGRESS.

Having done that successfully I then found David Lloyds blog and decided to try changing the file name in my phone to “qf” and try again. I followed his advice and disconnected my N900 from the PC and then reconnected in PC Suite mode, opened Map Loader and off we went. SUCCESS.
I have updated my maps successfully and have found using Maps is much better now (though not as good as Symbian versions)

I used:-
Windows 7 Home Premium Version 6.1  32bit
Nokia Map Loader Version
My N900 had Maomo 5 Version 10.2010.19-1

I hope that you find this useful if you are still struggling with Map Loader and your N900.


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