Exam Officer’s Conference

Tomorrow, the 10th annual conference of the Exam Officer’s Association will take place at Wyboston Lakes, St Neots. It is the first time that I will attend. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people from the Exams community, to learning as much as I can, and to building a network of contacts with whom I can share best practice in the future. I’m a new Exams Manager compared to many of my peers, but I get a lot of pleasure from my work. As a new-ish Exams Manager I set up a twitter account ‘Examsmgr’ so that I could share the things that I think I would have found useful when I was just starting out 3 years ago (and I can’t believe time has gone so quickly, that it is 3 years, either!).
OCR is interested in communicating with the Exams community via Twitter and I really hope that they do take the idea forward, as it is such a quick and immediate tool. I will hopefully be able to convince them of this during the conference, as well as encouraging many other Exam Officers and Managers to get involved on Twitter.


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