It pays to be positive

GCSE exams have finished now and in the main they ran very smoothly. We had a bit of chopping and changing of rooms throughout the season (after half term we started using the Sports Hall for the first time), but overall I was very happy. All my seating issues got sorted, though for one exam we had so many students we had two sittings and I had to seat 400 students manually to ensure those with access or transport arrangements were on the first sitting! Most exams had no absentees which I was really pleased about. We had some absences due to sickness and I’ve already submitted special considerations for them. I’m just waiting for one more Self Certification form to submit a final special consideration. I’ve left a message at home reminding them I need the form for Monday to submit the request by the deadline (I’m at the ‘Examination Officers Association’ conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, so won’t be able to process it if it arrives any later).
I’m still running Adult Literacy and Numeracy (ALAN) etests until the end of term for our year 11 students to ensure they have English and Maths qualifications. Of course next academic year we’ll be running Functional Skills.
I’ve sent my invigilators their pay claims to sign, along with an invite to a social event for the team. I like to get the chance to meet up with them all outside of school, as I don’t get the chance to chat with them that i’d like when I’m running the exams.
Now of course I’m looking to put things in place for next years exams. I’m collating ‘Intentions to Enter’ and ‘Estimated Entries’ to submit to the Awarding Bodies as required. I’m also making sure that all our BTEC certification claims are submitted and will need to make sure that all old specification BTEC registrations are in before the end of July for those students who are to be entered on that spec.
Once this term has finished I’m hoping to review all our policies and submit updates to SLT for the start of the new term in September, make sure everything is ready for Results Day (a fairly large task for the summer) and hopefully take a weeks holiday.
So there you go, exams update in a nutshell and mostly positive 🙂


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