Nokia N900 – OS upgrade PR1.2

I’ve tried over several days to upgrade my Nokia N900 and not succeeded until today.

Initially, I couldn’t get the upgrade to work OTA (Over The Air) – the upgrade option OTA was not available and I was instructed to use the NSU (Nokia Software Updater) on my pc. However, no matter how many times I tried it, I got a message (poor quality screen print below) saying that the NSU had tried 3 times and was unable to update the software. I was getting very down about this, especially as I had also tried doing the upgrade on my OH’s super fast gaming PC.

These are my facebook posts as I attempted the upgrade..

Sunday 30 May 2010 about 17:30

Maahir I too get that error, will try deleting tuxrace as well and report back (I’ve already disable most catalogues in the update library) [One of the other facebook users on the forum posted the picture above and another user had deleted tuxrace game which enabled the upgrade for them]

Sunday 30 May 2010 about 17:35
Bah, still can’t get it to work and I don’t have enough knowledge to us the other route suggested on here 😦 . [Other forum users described using Linux codes (apt-get distro-upgrade) or Maemo Flasher, which as of yet I have no knowledge or experience of]

Sunday 30 May 2010 about 17:45
Just restarted the N900 and I now have the option to do an OTA update, which I didn’t have before I deleted the largest software apps on the phone (tuxrace 64Mb and stellarium 28MB), it’s just downloading 113.1MB OTA now. Watch this space

Sunday 30 May 2010 about 18:22
The update has worked, after downloading the OTA via my wireless connection, it installed the software, restarted itself and continued upgrading. I then got the confirmation message. Most of my desktop widgets and shortcuts have disappeared, so I need to spend some time reinstating them. Will do backup and then re-enable my catalogues so that I can upgrade all the apps that have been waiting for the Maemo upgrade. Good luck with your own upgrades everyone.

Sunday 30 May 2010 about 18:28
I take it back, the widgets and shortcuts are still there. Anyway backup is done, so on to updating my other apps


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