Mauku – The Micro-blogging Client for Nokia N900

Mauku is a micro-blogging app available on general release for the Nokia N900. The version I’ve been happily testing (on my new N900) for about a week now is Mauku 2.0 beta 4.
Having installed Mauku, ‘Publishers’ (and for Publisher, read account) are created via an option in the top bar of the app , once this is done Mauku jumps straight to the ‘Overview’ page and starts retrieving your tweets. I’ve found this to be very quick and efficient and am happy to see that avatar pictures are included in tweets.
I did find that making a typo in the setting up of ‘Publishers’ means that you need to recreate the Publisher again from scratch if it is to be displayed exactly as desired. There are functions to Unsubscribe and Delete Publishers, and while I have managed the Unsubscribe option to remove the updates from my Overview screen, the Delete function refuses to work for me. I’m not a techy person on the whole and despite looking into this the only solution I appear to have found is to “delete the backend database with X Terminal by entering the command:
rm -R /home/user/.microfeed
to allow new Publishers to be created from scratch. I’m still trying to work out how to do this, so can’t give you any guidance on this one. Meanwhile I continue to live with extraneous accounts in my list that I can’t get rid of and find really irritating.
Something else that it has taken me a while to discover is why some tweets are coloured yellow and some are coloured blue. Apparently, blue is the default colour for a normal tweet and replies are coloured yellow. Also there is a little callout in the bottom right corner of some tweets, advertising how many replies have been made to that tweet – quite useful I thought.
Tapping on a tweet allows you to quickly select options associated with a tweet, Reply, Forward (aka ReTweet), Open sender, Open link or Mark (as Favourite). Creating a tweet is a simple action from the initial Welcome screen where you are given the option of ‘New message’. Once you are typing your tweet you also get the option to select from which account you wish to tweet, or even all of them if you prefer.
The app runs smoothly and quickly compared with others that I have previously tried on my N95. One thing I do miss though is the ability to click on a link to an image and see a preview instantly – Mauku forces you to visit the website where the image is stored, which is a bit slow, AND disappointing.
There is a ‘Contacts’ page accessible from the welcome screen, but for me this has never worked, despite leaving it running for several minutes. It could be that downloading contacts for two Twitter accounts is too much for it to cope with, within my attention span. It is certainly something that needs addressing within the next build of the app.
Overall, I’ve been fairly satisfied with Mauku as an app that allows me to access Twitter while I’m out and about. I mark tweets I want to come back to and use Tweetdeck on my PC to check up on further details when I’m back at base.
More details are available at


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