Italian-style pizza dough from bread-maker

Since getting our Panasonic SD255 bread-maker in September, we (and for ‘we’, read Mr S) have been trying out the various recipes that came with it. Some have been used time and again, such as the wholewheat bread loaf receipe; others have been modified (the Panettone receipe or discarded and replaced. We now use the bread-maker to make pizza dough on a weekly basis and the recipe used has evolved considerably since we started. We did considerable online research to try and find a recipe as authentic Italian as we can. The result is a wetter dough which allows the pizza shape to be stretched and produces the thin pizza and the typical crust. It is improved even more by the choice of flour. We tend to favour Sainsbury’s own, but have recently tried Colavita Tipo 00 both entirely and as a 50/50 blend with the Sainsbury’s flour. We have tried doing taste tests and the 50/50 blend is proving to be most favourable currently.
Making the dough the day before and chilling has also proved a worthy experiment. We had pizza for dinner on the Thursday and on the Saturday we had flat bread to accompany a hearty vegetable and pork stew. The dough had been kept chilled in the fridge and was simply warmed through and allowed to rise before making the flatbread. The difference was immediately apparent as we got bubbles similar to those seen in Pizzeria pizza’s. The taste was also very good.

PIZZA recipe to follow


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