New OS resolution – upgrade to Windows 7

I’ve had my laptop for 2 years now. It’s an Acer and I won it in a competition, so I didn’t have much choice in how it was set up – it just arrived. Which was very nice, especially as it was around Christmas time. Anyway its hard drive was partitioned into two drives which drove me mad! So as I’ve just upgraded to Windows 7 I took the opportunity to repartition the hard drive back to one partition. I’m so glad I did. Because I did a custom install, it wiped the hard drive too, so I now have a lovely clean drive, that runs faster and opens up quicker.
I’ve made a new OS resolution to keep the crud to a minimum and only put onto the hard drive what absolutely has to be there. I don’t want to loose this fantastic fast processing.
If you decide to do the same, don’t forget its worth getting an external hard drive to back everything up first (I did and its all staying on it too).


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