Exams entries – the saga continues

I did misspell this initially and put “Exams entries – the sage continues”, but decided it wouldn’t be quite true.

Today I deleted all the exams seasons (November, January and OCR Nationals) that I’d set up before the August update (over the weekend) to SIMS Exams Organiser, so that I could re-do them post update. Things didn’t seem to be working quite right with them and I decided it was for the best to restart them from scratch.

I managed to get the November basedata imported into the newly created season and the mark-sheets set up, so that the teaching staff can make their entries before the deadline which is looming nearer. I also managed to get the OCR Nationals input and submitted, but there were only 21 students for the first batch that needed doing quickly. The larger batch is less urgent, so it can wait a bit. Oh, and I entered the first batch of students for their Healthy Eating Level 2 NCFE qualification as well.

Tomorrow the January basedata should be available, so I’ll see about getting that imported and set up, as I know that the Science and Modern Foreign Language departments will be keen to get on with their entries too. In fact I have some re-sit entries for Science already, the students keep popping in with their forms and cheques in hand.

Things aren’t 100% right with the software, as I can’t ‘see’ Year 11 students in some seasons, which is NOT good. I’ve logged a job with IT, so they’ll make it right, I’m sure.

On another note…

I’m conscious that I need to prepare some training for my invigilators and run it in the next couple of months, so that they are updated on the regulations (when I receive the hard copy documents). I also need to make sure that the timetables are updated from the final timetables issued by the awarding bodies. Then I can issue it to all staff, invigilators and students. It makes for better planning all round if everyone knows the exam dates! Something else for the to-do list then…