Exams software not playing fair

I have been setting up the sheets for entering exam entries for the November exams. However, while doing so I have discovered that the software is not functioning correctly. As there should have been an August update installed I have spoken with the ICT support team who have sent the update across to the schools ICT team to install. This is taking place over the weekend and should therefore be in place for Monday when I’m back in work.

Good job too, as I now have to re-do the November mark-sheets, set up and complete some mark-sheets for the ICT qualification (OCR Nationals) and make sure that they are submitted on Monday and then think about preparing mark-sheets for the January exams. Alongside that I also need to make sure that all students in the school have exam numbers as they are also intended to be used as id numbers, but currently the software is not issuing numbers in a sensible manner!

I just hope everything works ok on Monday, otherwise life is going to get very very hectic, very very quickly!

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