Start to the exams year

forgetful smiley Holidays are nearly over for all the students now. I’m trying to think back over the last week to remember what I’ve done, but I’m struggling to remember all of it, so I’ll summarise what I can remember (not much!) in a random order

I’ve made sure I know all the key dates for the coming year – put them onto a wall planner for the office and into my own diary (just to make sure).

All the results have been put into a grid and formatted for publication in the schools’ annual prospectus, subject to the approval of the Principal.

Enquiries about results have started to come in and I have already submitted three enquiries to the awarding bodies. Already one has come back as an increase to the students grade, so I’ve let the Head of the Department know about this. Forgot to let our Assessment Manager know though, so I’ll need to do that first thing on Monday morning (tut tut, Mrs S).

On Monday, or early next week, I’ll need to be downloading the basedata for the November exams, so that I can put things in place for making entries for these first exams of the academic year. As part of this preparation, I’ll issue something to my invigilators to let them know how many invigilators I’ll be needing and let them have a draft copy of the 2009-10 exams timetable. Also I need to find out where we’ll be holding exams this next year, as that will affect how many invigilators I need for each exam.


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