HDTV 1080p and technology

I now know more about HDTV than I thought I could. I know that 1080p is better than 1080i and that when I bought my TV, I bought the right one! Phew, that makes me happy. I did do a lot of research at the time, but I forgot all that in the interim. We connected the XBOX 360 to the TV with an HDMI cable today – wow, what a difference. I made sure that it was a quality cable made of oxygen free copper and having gold connectors (see this link for full details http://bit.ly/HDMIcable). It’s also got a braided outer, so it doesn’t maintain a stiff coiled profile once it’s connected, much much better. The picture quality is awesome! I could look at it all day. Will have to sort out getting HDTV programmes somehow now, I think smiley karma It’s likely that we’ll get a Blu-Ray disc at some point, but I think I’ll wait until I can get a Blu-Ray HDD Recorder at a reasonable price before I take that step. Don’t like to get new technology until it’s a little bit cheaper. I’ve been burned by that one before, as soon as I got the goodies, they plummeted in value sad smiley


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