Exams results – best ever for Scalby School !!!

All that hard work paid off, for the teaching staff and for me in the exams office. The students this year achieved the best results in the history of the school (apparently, I am not able to verify this personally). There is a link to the local paper’s report on the Thursday here http://bit.ly/3kDURn. And on the Friday there was this article http://bit.ly/ExamResultsBest and this one http://bit.ly/ExamResultsAGrades, both of which gave good write-ups for Scalby! I’m sure that there’ll be a lot of follow-up work to come.

Now however, I’m starting on the work for the 2009-10 exams. I’ve done the school’s draft exam timetable, which I’ll finalise once the Awarding Bodies produce a final timetable and issue to staff and students. I’m working on a list of key dates for myself and teaching staff too.

Other than that, it’s Bank Holiday weekend and I’m relaxing karma smiley


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