Build up to exams results continues

smiley reading bookAh well, I said that today’s blog might be a bit grumpy. And well it might be! I tried to put the unit results in manually for the DiDA today – first one failed, along with the others I tried. The fault all links back to the same problem. So I’m resigned to it, the awards will have to stand alone on the school MIS. I have downloaded results from the awarding body saved to the server and a broadsheet printout in hard copy, so it’s not like we don’t have the information. Enough time has been given over to this, it’s time to move on.

Having made that decision, I’ve spent the day preparing for the future…

I have made signage for results day on Thursday, our caretaker will take charge of these tomorrow and ensure that the school is ready for the mad rush. While I spend my time getting the results into the MIS and into the students’ envelopes ready for Thursday.

I have been working on Invigilator training also. Analysed the feedback forms I had back after the summer exams and will use that information to help me in the creation of a suitable training session, along with the updated regulatory information coming out from JCQ.

I like being organised, it makes life so much easier


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