Exams timetable drafted up

Today I finished drafting up the exams timetable for the academic year 2009-2010, subject to changes to the provisional timetables issued by the awarding bodies of course. So that has now been sent to the Senior Leadership Team, for them to use in their planning for the coming year.
Decided today that I’m going to have to manually enter the DiDA results into the school’s MIS system if I want them to go in at all, so that’ll be tomorrows job I guess – woe betide anyone who interupts me then. I want to get it all done before Wednesday hits me!
First time I’ve seen anyone from the leadership team today – nope, I tell a lie, saw one on Friday! They’re like rare breeds during the summer hols, few and far between in sightings! Ha ha.
Well, I guess you’ll know tomorrow if I get the DiDA entries done – if not, it’ll be a grumpy update to the blog.