Enquiries about exams results

Well, I’ve still not managed to import the DiDA data to the school MIS, despite all best efforts. Waiting for a further patch to be applied to the software to see if that works.
Recently I’ve been getting quite a few queries about exam results from last year and the year before. Obviously our ex-students are now looking at going on to University or college and need to provide the information on their exams results.
For this years ‘leavers’ I’ve spent the day putting DiDA results slips (downloaded from the Awarding Body website – due to the issues I’ve been having) and equivalence information slips in the appropriate envelopes. Next week I’ll be sorting out those who have requested their results be posted or collected by a third party, seeing as the deadline for informing me has now passed.
I wonder how things will go with the actual results for GCSE’s next week? !!