Downloading exams results, part two…

Well, Edexcel kindly phoned me first thing to find out how things were with the basedata download issue and then emailed me another version of the file. Which still didn’t work.

I’ve also been liaising with ICT support at County, who say I’ve done everything that can possibly be done to try and resolve things from my end. They’re now looking for solutions at their end, while I follow up further with Edexcel. Edexcel have been updated on the situation and I’m waiting to hear back from them. Meanwhile this afternoon, County emailed a patch over to our local ICT guy to install. Hopefully that will be in place by tomorrow if I’m lucky.

As a stop-gap I’ve downloaded documents from the online service at Edexcel to issue to staff and students on results day – just in case! At least they won’t be empty-handed – I just won’t have the information on the MIS system 😦

I’ve filled the in between bits of my day with building my beautiful 2009-2010 exams timetable for the subjects we’ll be doing next academic year 🙂


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