First day back in the exams office, after over 2 weeks holiday

I was quite surprised that there wasn’t more post piled up in my in-tray. I was also very happy to find a parcel of crates for packing my exams equipment for the students away in the school store. It will give me some much needed space in the office 🙂
Mid-morning I took delivery of two new (to me) 2-drawer filing cabinet – these will replace the one that was damaged beyond repair during the April office move. I will now be able to put all my filing back into some semblance of order. Which I am so looking forward to getting done, as being so disorganised has driven me batty! I have managed reasonably well with storing things in a sensible manner over the last 5 months, all things considered, I think.
Made a start on re-organising my systems for the invigilators, to make it easier for them to set up the exam rooms. Most of this will have to be held over until the new JCQ posters arrive and can be laminated to go in the equipment containers.
Did have a bit of a glitch with the computer, it’s had new software installed on it while I was on holiday and now I can’t print anything! IT have promised they’ll install the drivers for me by tomorrow!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


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